2 bags of large crumble

Brand name:

Winsect Organic Fertilizer Pellets

Pellet type:

Large crumble


16 Kg


Shipping costs € 7,00 per item to addresses in NL

Product description

Universal fertilizer pellets suitable for ornamental gardens, vegetable gardens and fruit trees.

The fertilizer pellet is made from 100% mealworm manure. This comes from our own mealworm farm. The granules are dry-pressed and hygienized (stored for 1 hour at 70 degrees) in our NVWA-approved installation.

In addition to the good nutrient levels, mealworm manure is distinguished by its chitin content and very little odor (much less than chicken manure pellets).

This fertilizer pellet is registered for use in organic agriculture –> pdf confirmation

Regionally produced in the Achterhoek. Buy direct from the farm.

N 4,5% | P 3% | K 2,5% | Mg 1%

1-2 kg / 10 m2 – Planting perennials and flowers
2 kg / meter – Planting hedges
1-2 kg / 10 m2 – Maintenance

2 kg / 10 m2 – Sowing lawns
1-2 kg / 10 m2 – Lawn maintenance

We ship whitin 1-3 working days.

Big bags are shipped on a europallet.

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