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We make different variants of fertilizer pellets from the mealworm manure (frass), which are not only of high quality (sanitized), but are also more sustainable in many ways.

100% natural ingredients

Our fertilizer consists of 100% mealworms frass (mealworm excrements) from our own worms. 

You are buying directly from a farm in the Netherlands

Pelletized and sanitized

We are using professional equipment for pelleting and sanitizing our fertilizer.

Our equipment is certified by the Dutch health and safety authorities.

Our products

2 bags of large crumble

Large crumble

16 Kg


Our most sold product. A set of 2 bags containing 8kg of Winsect Organic Fertilizer (16 kg in total).

Big Bag Organic Fertilizer

Large crumble

450 Kg


Big bag with 450 kg of Winsect Organic Fertilizer in easy to handle large crumble variation. Options for shipping.

Plastic Bag Organic Fertilizer

Large crumble

16 Kg


Product specifically designed for our professional landscape gardeners. Our large crumble variation in a more waterproof packaging.

What's to love about our fertilizers

Fast release of nutrients

Natural protection from Chitin

Most sustainable

Allowed in organic farming

Only mealworm frass without additieves

Sanitised 70 degrees

What is frass?

Frass are the excrements of insects. In the case of mealworms, this consists of mealworm manure and mealworm skin sheddings. 

The mealworms eat these skins, which consists of chitin. As a result, the chitin from the skins ends up in the manure as fine particles, giving the fertilizer great benefits.

Mealworm shedding skin

About sustainability

Mealworm farming is widely regarded as highly sustainable and a positive force for the environment.

Our mealworm farm has no ammonia, methane or odour emissions. No pesticides or antibiotics are used. Mealworms require little water or space and have low feed conversion.

No ammonia emissions