About Mealworms

Mainly protein

Mealworms are small insects that consists of mainly protein and fat. They can feed on organic residual streams and use barely any land or water.

Chitin from skins

While growing they shed their skin, which contains chitin. This chitin ends up in the fertilizer.

Why do we love them?

No pesticides used

Organic waste as feed

No emissions

High quality fertilizer

High quality protein

No antibiotics

Mealworms are larvae of the mealworm beetle

Life Cycle

Cycle stages

Mealworms go through a life cycle consisting of four stages: egg, larva (mealworm), pupa, and adult beetle. The larvae stage is the end product at the farm.


Beetle lay the eggs which hatch into the mealworm larva. They get the same feed as the mealworm but get their water from carrots. When eggs production stops the beetles are processed to be used as birdfeed.

How do mealworms make a difference?

The only farm animal without ammonia or methane emissions


What is happening at Winsect, in the world of mealworms or organic fertilizers.

What is chitin?

Chitin is the main content mealworm skin sheddings. 

The mealworms eat these skins. As a result, the chitin from the skins ends up whitin the manure as fine particles, giving it great benefits as fertilizer, such as soil bacteria stimulant and natural plant protection.

Mealworm shedding skin