Farm & Country Fair 2023

Insect Farming: Unveiling the Potential at Farm & Country Fair 2023!

We are pleased to announce our participation in the Farm & Country Fair 2023, held in Aalten, The Netherlands at the 23-25th of June. As dedicated insect farmers specializing in mealworms and organic fertilizer pellets, we invite you to explore the world of sustainable agriculture at this renowned event.

Visit our market stall, where we delve into the practical applications and potential of insect farming. Gain insights into the benefits of mealworms and organic fertilizers, and engage in informative conversations with our team of experts.

Experience the benefits of our organic fertilizer pellets, derived from nutrient-rich insect frass. Discover how these pellets enhance soil health, promote plant growth, and contribute to environmentally conscious farming methods.

Plan your visit to Farm & Country Fair 2023 in Aalten, The Netherlands, and make sure to stop by our stall.

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