Insects are a sustainable solution for protein production

Mealworms as a source of protein has several advantages. Mealworms, for example, are cold-blooded, so they don’t waste energy keeping themselves warm. They consist mainly of high-quality protein, have hardly any emissions, feed on waste flows, use hardly any water and have minimal land requirement. They thus offer the environmentally friendly option for local protein production with vegetable and fruit residues as food (circular).

The size of the our farm is ideal for a regional / local protein production with the use of local waste streams.

Land Use

Land use of mealworm production

Mealworm production has a very low land requirement and is also very suitable for vertical farming.

Feed Conversion

Mealworms have a good feed conversion

This means mealworms are very effective in converting feed to protein. This is due to the fact that insects are cold-blooded animals. Their bodies produce less heat and are therefore more efficient.