Produced sustainable

At lower production costs

Winsect will introduce a worldwide unique system for mealworms production, using belts instead of crates
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Mealworm Products

Live mealworms

Related Products

Frass (fertilizer) and chitine products
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Production Equipment

Equipement for automating and scaling up mealworm production
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What is Winsect?

Winsect will introduce a worldwide unique system for the farming of mealworms for insectprotein production.

Insect production is regarded as a more sustainable way of producing protein, due to its low emissions, low land, feed conversions efficiency and excellent possiblities for circular and vertical farming.

The first farm has been developed breeding mealworms on automatic belts with an automatic feeding system

  • no crates
  • no robots
  • low on labour costs
  • low on production costs

The farming system will solve the problem of high production costs for mealworms, which will make mealworm production economical and mealworm products accessable for new markets.

The size of the farm is ideal for a regional / local protein production with the use of local waste streams.

In the coming months we will keep you informed about the progress of the farming. The next farm is scheduled to start construction in 2024.


Making agriculture more sustainable by harnessing the unique powers of insects


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