Farm & Country Fair 2023

Insect Farming: Unveiling the Potential at Farm & Country Fair 2023! We are pleased to announce our participation in the Farm & Country Fair 2023, held in Aalten, The Netherlands at the 23-25th of June. As dedicated insect farmers specializing in mealworms and organic fertilizer pellets, we invite you to explore the world of sustainable […]

Organic fertilizer for sale in our new webshop

Take a look at our organic fertilizer options in the new webshop! Winsect Organic Fertilizer is made at our farm from our own mealworm frass (manure from mealworms). The pellets are professionally produced and sanitized at 70 degrees for 1 hour. We have small bag and big bags. Shipping only to addresses in the Netherlands. […]

Opening farm shop

Saturday evening on the 11th of March we are opening our farm shop at Barlo!

Official opening at symposium on 19th of May

Our first production location and system development site will be officially opened for public on the 19th of May. During this day a symposium will be held on site regarding regional protein production and agricultural minerals circulation. Signing up for visiting the opening and symposium can be done at We are looking forward to […]

Local mealworms make fish farming more sustainable

Local mealworms may make an important contribution to making Dutch fish farming more sustainable. The insects can be a sustainable, locally grown alternative to, among other things, soy in fish feed. In an innovative research project, two companies in the rural part of The Netherlands are exploring the possibilities. “Fish can be grown very well […]

Mealworm development project

Winsect is participating in the a collective project for the development of a new technical system for producing mealworms. The development will focus on using belt for the production instead of crates. This will make production easier to automate and will therefore reduce production costs significantly. The research project will focus on all required basic […]

Company intro video

We have prepared a short teaser video introduce ourselves and to provide a rare glimpse of what we are developing inside the plant. Please check it out below. More extended views of our development will follow during 2021.

New website and logo online

Our new website is now online. Although the information is currently rather limited, please be sure to stop by during 2021, as we will be posting updates on how the system development further progresses.